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Home Performance Testing

Improve the comfort and efficiency of your existing home

A blower door is set up to perform an energy audit. This will help reduce utility bills and improve energy efficiency

This assessment, sometimes referred to as an energy audit, includes blower door testing with infrared scan to locate air leaks.  Insulation in attic, crawlspace, etc. is evaluated. All ventilation systems are tested and inspected and a combustion safety test is done on all open combustion appliances. A written report is provided outlining all issues found as well as methods for addressing them.  Having this service performed also may make you eligible for Focus on Energy rebates, utility rebates, and tax credits. Assistance with applying for these benefits is included with this service

Focus on Energy New Home Certification

Make sure your new home is efficient from the ground up

A new home being certified through the Focus on Energy program.

With the Focus On Energy New Homes Certification Program your new home is inspected during construction and tested on completion. Insulation is evaluated and graded before wall cavities are covered. Ventilation is tested and lights and appliances are checked for efficiency. When the home is complete, a blower door test is done to measure the air tightness of the building envelope. All the information is entered into computer modeling software to determine how the house compares to current energy codes. This software can also be used to evaluate changes before construction begins to measure energy savings at the planning stage. If the home meets efficiency standards, it may qualify for Focus on Energy incentives as well as federal tax credits.

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Alteernative Resource Management is a Focus on Energy Trade Ally.
Alternative Resource Management is  a certified building analyst with the Building Performance Institute.
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